Fables of Qiso


More than just a green thumb, I grew up around flora. Nartured by nature and nourished by trees, mesmerized by the flowers and the bees. I knew what i had to do as soon as i started school. Today my office is habitat and my colleagues are leafy.


As a kid, I used love playing teacher. My dolls would be my students and I would be the teacher. As I grew old, I realized how much I wanted to help others and today, I stand in front of my class with smiling faces staring back at me.


Dream big! That’s what dad used to tell me as he handed me a glass full of milk. I would stay up late at night and watch those swimmers tear up the pool. That’s what motivated me to wake me up every morning before I went to school. Diving in and out I didn’t give up. Today, I stand on the podium with a medal and my chin up!


The land gleamed like a silver platter, as we made our way to the top of the hillock. Lying on our backs we counted the stars. My friend pointed out the Orion’s belt and dragged his north to a bright shiny star. The North Star he said, it’s called and a decade later I am still enthralled.

Comic Strip


Photography & Charity
When you are in Qiso, do not forget to create memories by getting clicked by our inventive photography. Get instant prints instantly… Create light paintings… And all this is for a good cause! Whatever you contribute in exchange of the photographs will go towards the charity for the month!